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PMS / PMDD ~ It's not a hormone problem
PMS / PMDD Symptom Relief- an anger reaction to your NORMAL hormone cycle.  Click  to feel normal again soon!

All Hormone Birth Control Methods have some health benefits!
Birth Control Methods  Pros, Cons, & Facts. Hormone methods help prevent  cancer!  Click & find out must-know tips!

Hormones / Menopause
Bioidentical Hormone  Safety, Risks, Benefits.    7 Risks of Compounded hormones.  Click for essential safety info!




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These hormone related concerns are some of my areas of special interest and expertise.

I want to get this help directly to women – therefore I’ve created a Library for each of these topics: PMS Relief, Birth Control Methods, and Bioidentical Hormone Pros & Cons.

What is important to me is making this info is fun, easy, user-friendly for you! 

With this purpose in mind, I’ve packed each library full of fun to watch and easy-t0-apply tips and info that without a doubt will help you find quick peace of mind and relief from suffering and anxiety. As long as you have the tools (simple, science-based facts), you can start self-help tips at home, and  easily discuss your problem with your GYN professional! Click one of the above options and get those tools!!!

Although there are many websites that discuss PMS, HRT, and Birth Control, you may be asking why should I go to YourGynNP.com and trust the tips and facts I find there? 

  • First of all, in my PMS, Hormone Replacement (HRT), and Birth Control Libraries, you will find easy, evidence-based, self-help info about what to ask and discuss at your GYN appointment, resulting in a simple, effective, action plan that will quickly answer your questions.
  • In addition, it’s important to not that YourGynNP’s info simplifies and brings together for you concepts found in professional resources such as ACOGNAMS, and Contraceptive Technology
  • Most exciting of all, each library provides you with your own individual Decision-Making Flow Chart to help you together with your GYN provider decide on the best PMS, HRT, or Birth Control Method for you. Now you can leave your gynecology appointment with a solution in hand!


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Here are Some Unquestionably Important Sample Women’s Health Facts We Should Know…
Let’s Make Informed Decisions!

  • Premenstrual Syndrome / PMS / PMDD – is not a problem of hormone levels, although you may have heard the opposite! It is an abnormal reaction to the normal hormone cycle. Therefore, no need for hormone testing.
  • Birth Control Method Must-Know Surprises – Surprisingly, each hormonal birth control method has several non-contraceptive health benefits! Especially important: prevention of two types of cancer!
    Bonus free fact: Birth Control Pills are definitely not the most effective method..click this Birth Control link above to find out which methods prevent many more pregnancies than the pill.
  • HRT / Hormone Replacement in Menopause – Regular prescriptions are safer than compounded for 7 science-based reasons! As a result, no need for the expense, hassle, and risks of compounded bioidentical hormones, because you can get bioidentical hormones with safer, less expensive, and easier to get prescriptions from regular gynecologists and pharmacies. This is what the compounding prescribers and pharmacies obviously don’t want you to know!


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