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Birth Control Side Effects, Tips, Pros, and Cons
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Learn about Birth Control Methods, Side Effects, Pros & Cons, Risks & Benefits! 

Do you…

  • want to know which birth control side effects go with each method?
  • worry that your birth control method might fail you?
  • wonder which methods work best?
  • know which birth control method has the least side effects?
  • try to ignore, or just generally live with nausea due to your contraceptive method?
  • wonder whether it’s safe to not have periods due to a chosen birth control method?
    (spoiler alert, surprisingly YES, it is safe, and actually good for you!)
  • want to know which birth control methods should you avoid because of a health condition that you have? (obesity, high blood pressure, migraines, diabetes)

Do you also…

  • worry that some birth control methods increase risk of cancer? (spoiler alert: just the opposite!)
  • have PMS or menstrual migraines which did not improve with birth control pills?
    (great news: there’s a simple fix!)
  • wonder, “how would a certain birth control method affect my health?”
  • which contraceptive methods help decrease heavy menstrual flow and cramps?
  • are there contraceptive methods that don’t cause nausea or headaches?
  • know there a birth control method that helps decrease facial hair?
  • wish you had a fast and easy way to compare pros & cons of each contraceptive method?

These are undeniably important questions!
There is an easy and fun way to compare birth control methods…
It’s YourGynNP’s Birth Control Quiz Library

You will find surprising must-know birth control facts in short and fun quizzes in YourGynNP’s Birth Control Quiz Library. They will show you how you can, together with your GYN or Primary Care Professional, choose the best birth control method for you and get peace of mind about your choice of contraception.

Why I Want to Help You: During my 26 years of experience as a Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner I helped thousands of women become well informed about their birth control choice.  Likewise, I want to do the same for you. Without a doubt, you will find out something new about Birth Control Method side effects, failure rates, risks and benefits.  I would love to hear from you about your thoughts and experiences.

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You can find info on Birth Control info all over the internet, but …

  1. Will it be user-friendly, must-know method comparisons that you can apply today to your individual situation?
  2. Can you find out which methods to avoid if you have certain health conditions?
  3. How do you know what and whom to trust?

The must-know, surprising tips &  info found in my Birth Control Quiz Library  is based on the concepts recognized by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and by the respected GYN reference book, Contraceptive Technology, both trusted medical sources on birth control side effects, failure rates, and pros and cons.

Don’t wait – Check out YourGynNP’s free Birth Control Quiz Library today where you’ll find these great resources and benefits:

  • All the video quizzes in the Library
  • All the printable summaries of the quizzes – You can print the written summaries of the quizzes (with the surprising answers) to bring along and discuss at your appointment!
  • BONUS: Your personal Birth Control Decision-Making Flowchart!!!
    (see further below)

To sum it up, when your doctor is too busy to discuss it all with you, provides you with the tools you need to arrive at your appointment well-armed and informed. Now you can successfully leave that appointment with the best birth control plan for you in hand!

You will find ALL of these awesome videos plus Birth Control Quizzes you can print out to discuss and share! 

  • Which Method Works Best?
  • How Can Different Methods Improve my Health?
  • Which Methods Have Which Side Effects?
  • What Birth Control Methods to avoid in Women with Health Conditions – Migraines, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity
  • How to Use Birth Control to Prevent PMS / PMDD
  • PLUS! Scroll down to find a bonus guide that you will not find anywhere else…
Birth Control Side Effects Decision-making Flowchart (sample only)
Birth Control Decision-Making Flowchart sample image only. You’ll find this in the Birth Control Quiz Library along with all the other great resources!

Your own Birth Control Decision-Making Flowchart also available in the Library

Check out this sample video quiz from YourGynNP’s free Birth Control Library!

Click here to print this video’s quiz and bring it along to your next appointment to discuss the best birth control method for you with your GYN professional!  

Click here to check out YourGynNP’s Birth Control Quiz Library now!

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