Is PMS / PMDD ruining your relationships?

You Can Stop PMS / PMDD Symptoms! Prevent Monthly Depression, and Anger by Treating the Cause of PMS / PMDD

PMDD is PMS that is severe enough to damage your life, work, and relationships

You’re in the right place to stop PMS / PMDD symptoms!

Stop PMS Anger, Sadness, & Irritability Ruining Relationships!
Stop PMS Anger, Sadness, & Irritability Ruining Your Relationships!

… You can change your life by Treating the Cause of PMS / PMDD

There are 5 science-based ways to stop PMS symptoms.

Three of these methods are relatively simple and easy,

The other 2 methods are less desirable due to side effects, risks and expense.

Interested in learning more? Keep reading!

Are you one of the thousands of women out there who are thinking…

  • “PMS is damaging my relationships at work and at home.”
  • “I’m irritable and angry for no reason for 1 to 2 weeks before each period, but back to my normal self once my period starts – is this PMS?”
  • “What medications can be prescribed to stop PMS symptoms / PMDD?”
  • “Is there a natural way to prevent PMS / PMDD? Maybe certain foods? diet?
  • “What causes PMS / PMDD?  Is it too much estrogen or too little progesterone?”(surprisingly: both wrong!)
  • “I hate watching the calendar each month and worrying about the mood swings that I know are coming.”

Did you know that:

  • Sadly, PMS / PMDD runs in families and untreated, gets worse over time.
  • There are 3 simple ways to prevent PMS / PMDD.  All 3 are based on treating the cause of PMS / PMDD.
  • Most women do not need to resort to the 2 more drastic (but also effective) treatments to stop PMS / PMDD symptoms:
    • Creation of early menopause by long term injections
    • Removal of the ovaries (As a matter of fact, hysterectomy does not stop PMS /PMDD if the ovaries are left in place!)



My name is Chris Jones. I am a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner with 26 years of direct patient care experience.  When I finished my Gynecology Nurse Practitioner training, I realized that I had not been taught how to  help my patients with PMS / PMDD.  Eventually I saw that I was not alone, as most doctors and  other nurse practitioners also were not trained to treat PMS / PMDD. Therefore I researched the medical literature searching for the cause of PMS / PMDD, and most importantly, I looked into options for preventing PMS symptoms based on that cause!

As a result, I wrote the PMS Treatment Guidelines  that are used by dozens of Gynecologists in California to help them to help their patients to stop PMS Symptoms / PMDD.

My PMS / PMDD  Premenstrual Syndrome Library explains and summarizes the 3 simple, fast, and effective science-based PMS relief treatments.

What other sources have you searched?

The many other websites you have certainly  have long descriptions about, or sell entire books describing PMS / PMDD symptoms.  But you already know your symptoms, and you may have had to sift through pages and pages just to mainly come up with ineffective PMS treatment advice such as exercise and stopping caffeine which have not been shown to prevent PMS (but of course they are great things to do.)  You may also have found incomplete information about options for preventing this monthly misery. YourGynNP’s free PMS/PMDD Library has 3 Simple, Effective, and Science-based treatments to stop PMS symptoms. 

The info is in short, user -friendly videos and downloadable summaries that you can print out and take to discuss with your Health Care Professional!

You will find ALL of these awesome videos in the PMDD / PMS – Premenstrual Syndrome Library: 

  • What Causes PMS? Facts, Myths, and Evidence
  • PMS-Stopping Foods (includes PMS-Stopping Foods Grocery List)
  • How to Stop PMS Symptoms with Birth Control
  • 3 Ways to Stop PMS – Which is Best for You
  • In addition – you get printable summaries of the videos in the Library for you to print & bring along to help you talk with your Gyn Provider and prevent PMS mood swings!
  • and lastly, a super useful bonus…
PMS Decision-Making Flowchart preview
Sample image only! You can print the Stop PMS Decision-Making Flowchart from the PMS/PMDD Library Page 

BONUS! Your own individual Stop PMDD / PMS Decision-Making Flowchart

Wouldn’t you like to…

  • inform yourself with these simple, easy to read PMS treatment options before your next GYN appointment?
  • finally not have to plan your important life and work events around avoiding that week or two before each period?


Then don’t wait – Check out YourGynNP’s PMS / PMDD free Library today and use these great resources and stop PMS / PMDD symptoms. Above all, finally feel like yourself all month!

Here is a sample video from the library: Check it out!


Click here to download and print the free written summary of this video and bring it along to discuss how to prevent PMS / PMD together with your GYN professional!


In summary, if you agree that the PMS / PMDD Library sounds worth checking out, and you definitely want to stop PMS anger and depression instead of just managing them, 

 Click here to check out YourGynNP’s PMS / PMDD Library!

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Jackie says "please join and prevent PMS symptoms!
Jackie says “check out my mom’s PMS Library and prevent PMS symptoms!   Who is Jackie? Who am I?
Chris Jones, NP enjoys a walk by the ocean with her little doggie-girl Jackie
Chris Jones, NP enjoys a walk by the ocean with her little doggie-girl Jackie

Who am I?

   Chris Jones, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner:

  • Board Certified Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner
  • Furthermore, Chris authored the Physician Practice Guidelines for Premenstrual Syndrome and for Bowel Incontinence and contributed to the Urinary Incontinence Guidelines
  • 7 years as a Urogynecology Nurse Practitioner
  • 26 years of experience in diagnosing and managing gynecologic problems in women ages 15 to 80.
  • In addition, click here to learn more about my background.


…by the way,  do you or someone you know also suffer from any of these women’s health concerns?


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